Spinal dysraphism

French national reference center for Chiari and vertebral and spinal malformations - spinal dysraphism (C-MAVEM)

The pediatric neurosurgery service at Necker-Enfants Malades hospital has been labeled « rare disease reference center » (constitutive center) since 2017. The teams in this service take care of Chiari and syringomyelia, on the one hand, and vertebral and spinal anomalies (spina bifida and dysraphisms as well as all malformations of the spine) from birth to the child-adult transition, on the other hand.

Six priority axes structure its action plan:

  • improve screening methods and surgical and medical management of the patient;
  • facilitate patient and caregiver access to expert care centers;
  • lead a policy of fundamental and translational research;
  • development of education, training and information;
  • organize the child-adult transition;
  • encourage the establishment of European reference networks.

The center collaborates very closely with the CRMR C-MAVEM of Armand-Trousseau AP-HP Hospital (fetal medicine) coordinated by Pr Jean-Marie Jouannic and the Bicêtre center for the transition from child to adult.

The constituent center of Necker Hospital is attached to the CRMR C-MAVEM. This center is made up of a coordinating center (Hôpital Bicêtre | Pr Fabrice Parker), 7 constituent centers (Necker-Enfants Malades, Armand-Trousseau, Ambroise-Paré, Tenon, Tours, Rennes, Marseille) and 34 competence centers . It is one of the three centers in the Neurosphinx rare disease healthcare network.


Illustration article figaro Zerah

Preparing for pregnancy: a reflex still insufficient
Le Figaro | 10/05/2020 | Professor Michel Zérah
Healthcare professionals in particular recommend taking vitamin B9 before conception in order to avoid serious disabilities.
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Spinal dysraphism

The term « Spina Bifida » formerly used tends gradually to be replaced by that of « dysraphism (spinal) » which includes all forms of this pathology, from the most minimal to the most extensive. The Spina Bifida (thorny bifid) only concerns the localized non-closure of the posterior part of the spine.

Classically, closed dysraphisms are separated from open dysraphisms according to the skin covering with regard to the vertebral-medullary anomaly.

Many of these defects can be prevented by adequate prevention with folic acid (vitamin B9).

Open dysraphisms (spina bifida aperta) are the most severe malformations:


The consequences of this spinal-medullary development disorder are:

paraplegia (paralysis of the lower limbs),
and a malformation of Arnold Chiari (consequence of the spinal cord attached and cerebrospinal fluid leakage during intrauterine life),
urinary and anorectal incontinence.

These disorders vary in intensity depending on the level of the lesion and its extent.

Occult or closed dysraphisms (also called spina bifida occulta) are composed of a very heterogeneous group of malformations.

Their anatomical forms and clinical expressions are very variable and, as a rule, are less severe than open dysraphisms:

filum lipomas,
spinal lipoma (spina lipoma, cone lipoma, lipomyelocele, lipomyelocystocele),
LDM (Limited Dorsal Myeloschisis), dermal sinus,
neurenteric cyst,
syndomic forms (Currarino, VACTERL, pallister Hall, cloaca …).

Vertebral malformations

The C-MAVEM-Necker constitutive center takes care of the neurosurgical part of vertebral malformations. These malformations are taken care of by the team of Professor Thierry Odent (Tours). This service is part of the CRMR for constitutional bone diseases (MOC) affiliated with the OSCAR rare diseases health sector and the CRMR for chiari and vertebral and spinal malformations (C-MAVEM) affiliated to the Neurosphinx rare diseases health sector.

These malformations are, among others:

  • Constitutional bone diseases affecting the hinge and the spine: …


The C-MAVEM-Necker constitutive center is implementing a specific spasticity management program in collaboration with the Établissement national de convalescence.

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Pr Michel Zérah

Dr Timothée de Saint-Denis

Dr Marie Bourgeois

Dr Syril James

The team also includes neuropsychologists, social workers, school teachers.

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Central sleep apnea in children: experience at a single center.

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Preparing for pregnancy: a reflex still insufficient
Le Figaro | 10/05/2020 | Professor Michel Zerah
Healthcare professionals in particular recommend taking vitamin B9 before conception in order to avoid serious disabilities.
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On the occasion of world Spina Bifida day, which took place on October 25, 2020, professor Michel Zerah (pediatric neurosurgeon) wishes to raise awareness among expectant mothers about the good reflexes to adopt before and during their pregnancies. Indeed, a simple regular intake of vitamin B9 two months before pregnancy and then in the first two months of gestation would reduce by 70% the risks of appearance of this malformation which today affects 1 woman out of 1000.

Michel Zerah C-MAVEM, Spina Bifida

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